Few industries will continue to evolve as rapidly as telecommunications. Over the past 30 years, the focus of competition has shifted decidedly from fixed line to wireless/mobile. More recently, we're seeing a dramatic pivot away from voice towards messaging and other data driven applications.

Hence, today's 'phone' companies face a set of challenges unknown to their predecessors a generation ago. As their core businesses mature, they must focus on what is traditional - tracking customer satisfaction and loyalty, understanding their drivers, and implementing solutions to minimize churn.

Yet they must also continuously push the envelope lest they miss the next 'big thing.'  As bandwidth capacity and demand multiply and devices become more powerful and more mobile, opportunities and threats abound. Misreading customer sentiment in the telecom business can cost you more than a few market share points: it can be fatal.

Advanis counts some of the top telecom brands in the world among its largest and most loyal clients. They continue to entrust us with helping them manage both the traditional and innovative sides of their businesses. Recent/current engagements include:

  • Multichannel customer experience tracking, reporting, and modeling for a top US mobile phone company
  • Usage and attitude tracking for a global leader in mobile devices
  • Calling plan pricing and configuration research for a top MVNA
  • Ethnic market sizing and evaluations for a leading VoIP service provider

Let Advanis provide you with our expertise and unique outlook on your business, creating a real impact on your bottom line. Please contact us or download this information to learn more.