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Crown corporations, governments, public agencies, not-for-profit enterprises…multiple organizations from the public sector dedicate their limited resources to the unlimited needs of society. In an effort to set priorities, population studies are a statistically valid way of measuring attitudes, opinions, and characteristics of a population, providing key insights in strategic program planning. Program evaluations and satisfaction research provide a check on programs and policies, ensuring that they are effectively and efficiently meeting their stated objectives and helping to improve them if necessary.

In the past three years, we have worked for approximately 60 public sector organizations/departments, including the Government of Canada, six provinces, and numerous municipalities, universities, school boards, workers' compensation, and health care organizations.

Social research is an important component of the work conducted by the public sector, and by Advanis. When conducting social research, you need a partner who can adhere to the highest standards of research quality, have respect for respondents, and also have the scale needed to conduct research effectively nationwide. Here are some ways that Advanis stands out as a social research partner:

  • With over 30 years conducting social research, with several nationwide engagements in various sectors we have developed a unique expertise in the public sector
  • Having received the Gold Seal designation from the MRIA since 2009, Advanis adheres to the market research industry’s Code of Conduct and Good Practice.  In 2019 and going forward, Advanis is a member of CRIC (Canadian Research Insights Council) which adheres to the ESOMAR worldwide standards of research.
  • Advanis is experienced at using best practises in sampling methodology to ensure statistical reliability and validity in all our work. Along with traditional CATI, we offer choices in online, IVR and short-code SMS surveys. We also offer, exclusively to government clients Tell City Hall, a probability-based sample source of mobile enabled Canadians.
  • We have a dedicated and specialized professional team exclusively serves the Advanis public sector clients, and a Computing Sciences team that has developed several proprietary innovations, allowing us to achieve required high response rates, especially in the public sector.

Advanis has conducted public sector social research in several areas such as health, education, labour and agriculture (just to name a few). Example of recent engagements include:

  • Investigation of shoppers’ needs and perceptions as it relates to local food purchasing, with a goal to identify unique market segments, based on shopping attitudes and behaviour, ways that they could best be engaged to purchase B.C. local food in the future;
  • Advanis partnered with the Alberta Cannabis Secretariat (ACS) of Alberta Justice and Solicitor General to conduct an extensive public engagement in advance of cannabis legalization in Canada;
  • Evaluation of population satisfaction for public healthcare services, specifically related to language barriers in receiving services;
  • Annual study of Canadians’ use of alcohol, tobacco and drug products;
  • Census of graduating students, evaluating their employment or continuing education plans;
  • Survey of home renters across Canada, evaluating the stock of rental units in Census Metropolitan Areas;
  • Surveys and qualitative discussions about budgetary priorities and trade-offs, with results available to the government in the pre-budget planning period;
  • Satisfaction research with parents in several school boards.

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