Program Evaluation

Programs and policies are often implemented as a response to social needs – that are sometimes revealed in social research – and require accountability mechanisms to ensure that they are effective at meeting their objectives in a cost efficient manner, and that they are creating the intended results for stakeholders. Program evaluations are based on theoretical models and look at all stakeholders : participants, providers, and other interested parties. They use document analysis, performance indicators according to the evaluated programs’ objectives and logical framework development, in addition to the tools found in broader social research, such as in-depth interviews, focus groups, surveys and data analysis.

In essence, program evaluation is an expertise that helps organizations to allocate their resources effectively and efficiently. That’s why Advanis offers you responsible researchers who are members of the Canadian Evaluation Society and the Société québécoise d’évaluation de programme. Recent engagements include :

  • Evaluation of the Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (MRIF) for the Quebec Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Regions in partnership with Canada Economic Development. Advanis’s mandate is to measure the program impacts on municipalities and recipient organizations, thereby determining whether it meets the Fund’s objectives
  • Evaluation of a program aimed at supporting student achievement in underprivileged primary and secondary schools in the Laurentian region of Quebec
  • Following the implementation of “Ma santé, je m’en occupe”, on behalf of Montreal’s Health and Social Services Agency, the agency entrusted us to evaluate the needs of the public health sector for such a program
  • On behalf of the Financière agricole du Québec, we have evaluated the success of income support programs for farmers. 

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