Product & Service Design

Innovation is core to staying competitive, or possibly the key to disrupting an industry and creating a new market space.

Yet designing new offerings is costly and fraught with risk. Will the marketplace be interested in your idea? Enough to be willing to pay for it? Does it address unmet needs? Does it improve on existing offers? Which features are attractive and which ones are not? Could it be modified to better suit consumer needs?  What if competitors beat you to the punch?

Early checks with potential users can avoid huge mistakes before too much is invested in a “final” design. Over the years, Advanis has been a partner in numerous product and service design initiatives, from incremental modifications to existing portfolios to leading-edge innovations that transformed whole industries. We have developed creative approaches for: 
  • Early stage testing of product or service concepts to identify likely winners and losers
  • Comprehensive prototype testing and development to identify the best feature/benefit/price combinations given business needs and objectives
  • Detailed concept refinement and testing in realistic, competitive environments
  • Ongoing product/service 'portfolio' management to identify gaps or opportunities
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