Advanis has nearly 30 years of experience conducting social issue research throughout Canada.

Advanis is experienced at using best practises in sampling methodology to ensure statistical reliability and validity in all our work. Along with traditional CATI, we offer choices in online, IVR and short-code SMS surveys. We also offer, exclusively to government clients, Tell City Hall, a probability-based sample source of mobile enabled Canadians.


In the past three years, we have worked for approximately 60 public sector organizations/departments, including the Government of Canada, six provinces, and numerous municipalities, specifically:

  • for numerous ministries of the Government of Canada, and the provinces of Alberta, BC, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland, as well as municipalities and academic institutions;
  • on topics including immigration; racism; education and advanced education; health; family violence; substance abuse and addiction; mental health, emotional, and behavioral problems in children and adolescents; transit safety and security; public sector ethics; children’s health; culture; environment; justice; immigration; the budget and economy; physical activity; food safety; electrical safety awareness; travel, parks, and tourism; and many more.


A selection of our recent engagements that have been published by the research sponsors is found here.