Future of the Workplace in Canada

An online survey of 925 Canadians and 905 Americans (U.S.), all adults whose jobs can be performed from home and who are currently working from home during the pandemic, was conducted by Advanis from January 18th-26th, 2021. Details are available upon request. 

  • Managers and employees are both highly interested in making work from home or hybrid arrangements permanent, but many don’t expect that organizations will go along with this desire.
  • Many workers are interested in remote work in their next job, but if few organizations are likely to hire far from where they are located, the supply of remote workers may outweigh the demand.
  • Mental health and the impact on team collaboration and creativity are top concerns managers and employees alike would have if permanently working from home. 
  • In the long-term, the work from home experience during the pandemic does not necessarily indicate the end of the downtown core but does indicate a growing need for larger home footprints and amenities close to residential areas.

Work from Home Survey Results


Canadian participants – 624 employees and 301 managers – were recruited using our General Population Random Sample by SMS and completed the survey online. National results for employees accurate to within +/- 3.9%, 19 times out of 20. National results for managers accurate to within +/- 5.6%, 19 times out of 20. Margin of error is wider among subsets of the population. 

Advanis is a member of the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) and confirms that this research fully complies with all CRIC Standards including the CRIC Public Opinion Research Standards and Disclosure Requirements.

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