Does location matter when selling online? Will the Internet of Things come to pass? Why do high flying companies stumble at the peak of success?


The Lazaridis School of Business and Economics recently hosted its second annual Marketing Symposium. This day of learning brought together graduate students, academics, and marketing practitioners from private industry to hear from three leading marketing academics on the questions above.


What Advanis is reading...

The team at Advanis are voracious readers. For years, we’ve had an internal newsgroup set up specifically to share interesting articles about the companies we work with, the industries we support, and of course, the latest innovations in consumer insights and social research.

A concept testing study helps you gather valuable feedback about an idea before you launch it.  With reliable yet simple analytical methods, and a respondent-friendly platform to view and assess images - Advanis can help.  

Here are two recent examples of work Advanis has done to help their clients with concept testing:

#1 Advanis worked with one of our clients to explore a redesign for its retail locations. 

Two different concepts were tested, and the goal was to gauge consumer opinion about these two concepts.

Project management is often characterized as a specific person responsible for leading a project from its inception to execution. Historically there have been traditional project managers in organizations trained in Six Sigma, ISO, or formal project management processes. At Advanis we approach this differently. When you really get down to it project management is simply delivering results. Isn’t that what we are all striving for?