Advanis believes capturing feedback, sentiment, and perceptions using online surveys needs to be inclusive. Respondents with visual or auditory impairments are often challenged, if not completely shut out of participating, in online research studies because the surveys are not delivered on a platform that they can access. Individuals with visual impairments rely on their keyboard (no mouse), Text-to-Speech technology, and tools to zoom in on or enlarge content to complete surveys, while those with auditory impairments are impeded when online surveys include sounds and video clips.

Not long ago, the subject of cannabis was still taboo in many circles. Fast forward to 2020 and research on consumption patterns and Canadian’s knowledge of cannabis is now booming. When the legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes occurred in October 2018, all eyes were on Canada. Advanis was already at the forefront of data collection on the subject. Since 2008 we have conducted numerous surveys on this subject and today we survey approximately 10,000 Canadians annually about cannabis from coast to coast. 

Human Experience is the whole experience that a person has with a company, a brand and/or a service in a physical or digital interaction. People have human experiences as consumers, employees, patients or as civilians. These human experiences create emotions, perceptions, desires, and requirements from the relationships that they have with brands and services. Today, consumers are pickier. They have more choices. They are not as attached to their trusted brands.