Advanis has been conducting a self-sponsored COVID-19 survey among Canadians since the end of March 2020 using an IVR-to-Web approach. As part of our efforts to continually validate the reliability of the approaches we use to collect data that inform the decisions made by our clients, we conducted a research-on-research study where the same questions were administered via phone (CATI) and via the IVR-to-Web approach.

Advanis believes capturing feedback, sentiment, and perceptions using online surveys needs to be inclusive. Respondents with visual or auditory impairments are often challenged, if not completely shut out of participating, in online research studies because the surveys are not delivered on a platform that they can access. Individuals with visual impairments rely on their keyboard (no mouse), Text-to-Speech technology, and tools to zoom in on or enlarge content to complete surveys, while those with auditory impairments are impeded when online surveys include sounds and video clips.