Study finds growing interest in local B.C. food

Advanis recently completed a research engagement with B.C. Stats and the B.C. government, investigating shoppers’ needs and perceptions as it relates to local food purchasing.  A key goal of this research was to identify unique market segments, based on shopping attitudes and behaviour, and how these segments could best be engaged to purchase B.C. local food in the future. 10 unique segments were identified and fully profiled. Opportunities for improved product communications and marketing were identified.

This engagement included a context setting phase (with in depth interviews with industry experts), a quantitative survey among B.C. residents, and an online qualitative discussion.


“The results of this study are one more tool to help British Columbia’s producers and processors capture more of the domestic market, by identifying their local consumers and better understanding their needs." Lawrence MacAulay, federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

Learn more, and see our final report here:

Report  |   Context


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Adriana Bernardino  Adriana Bernardino is an Executive Vice President with Advanis, and our Chief Research Officer. A love for change, diversity, and creative problem solving has inspired Adriana’s work at Advanis, where she  has applied innovative research methods to help companies in multiple industries address a wide range of challenges—from launching industry-changing products, to optimizing entire portfolios, or designing best-in-class services from the customer’s perspective. Adriana has a PhD from MIT and a Masters in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCADU (Ontario College of Art and Design University).