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Il y a maintenant neuf ans que Advanis faisait l'acquisition de Jolicoeur et Associés. 

Cette acquisition a été bénéfique à l'ensemble de la nouvelle entité. L'équipe de Jolicoeur a apporté une solide expertise en matière de recherche dans le secteur public. Pour sa part, Advanis a apporté une expertise technologique considérable qui fait aujourd'hui du groupe Advanis l'une des firmes les plus innovantes en matière de recherche au pays.  


Canadians are overwhelmingly split on climate change and carbon taxes, a study from Advanis finds.

Over the past year, Advanis asked in excess of 33,000 Canadians about climate change and their level of support for a carbon tax, contributing to the database of opinions to support evidence-based decision making.

For several years, Advanis has advocating a mobile first approach to our surveys, ensuring that all surveys we publish are enhanced for mobile.

We wanted to provide an example of the increasing number of mobile completed surveys, in many regions of the world.

Advanis recently completed a research engagement with B.C. Stats and the B.C. government, investigating shoppers’ needs and perceptions as it relates to local food purchasing.  A key goal of this research was to identify unique market segments, based on shopping attitudes and behaviour, and how these segments could best be engaged to purchase B.C. local food in the future. 10 unique segments were identified and fully profiled. Opportunities for improved product communications and marketing were identified.